Marine Methanol


GreenPilot Press Release 2016-06-10 download

MAN - ME-GI and ME-LGI Gas Technologies – Development Status and Results download

Förgasning av svartlut download

+ GreenPilot kick-off

Marine Methanol Development and GreenPilot the vision, the project - Bengt Ramne, ScandiNAOS download

Stena Germanica - Per Stefenson, Stena Teknik download

Large Marine Methanol Engines - Toni Stojcevski, Wärtsilä download

Experience from the first newbuilding project with methanol as marine fuel - Fredrik Stübner, Marinvest download

Alternative fuels in transport, availability and emissions - Maria Grahn, Karin Andersson, Chalmers University of Technology download

Methanol engine research - Martin Tunér, Lund University download

LeanShip project - Jakob Coulier, University of Ghent download

Methanol institute - Greg Dolan, Methanol Insititute download

Methanol engine research VTT - Päivi Aakko-Saksa, VTT download

Methanol production from biomass - Ingvar Landälv, Luleå University of Technology download

Electrofuel - Thomas Stenhede, ScandiNAOS download

Methanol conversion - Mr Koo, FiT download

Rules related to methanol as marine fuel - Ulf Freudendahl, ScandiNAOS download

+ GreenPilot seminar 2017-06-15

f3, Fossil Free Fuels - Johanna Mossberg download

Towards fossilfree transport 2025 in Öckerö Council - Stanley Olsson download

GreenPilot - Aim and Background – Bengt Ramne download

GreenPilot - Engineconversion – Thomas Stenhede download

GreenPilot - Adjustments and safety measures – Joakim Bomanson download

GreenPilot - Environmental Performance – Patrik Molander download

High Efficiency and Clean Methanol Engines - Martin Tunér, MOT2030 Project, University of Lund download

Prospects for future sustainable fuels in shipping - Julia Hansson, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute download

MethaShip - Daniel Sahnen download

The FReSMe Project, From residual steel gases to methanol - Magnus Lundqvist download

The SUMMETH Project – Powering cleaner shipping on coastal and inland waterways - Joanne Ellis, SSPA download

+ METHANOL AS A MARINE FUEL - Seminar Gothenburg 8 May 2014

1 Welcome by Enterprise Europe Network download

2 Methanol as a marine fuel - Björn Södahl download

3 Compact State of the Art Methanol as a Marine Fuel - Ulf T Freudendahl download

4 Ship owners’ perspective - Per Stefenson download

5 Engine manufacturers’ perspective - Lennart Haraldson download

6 Methanol production-Industrialization of efficient and sustainable methods - Thomas Stenhede download

7 Engine technology - Tommy Björkqvist download

8 Production of bio-methanol from forest industry by-products and residual fuels - Rikard Gebart download

9 Next step and discussion - Bengt Ramne download

+ PROMSUS Workshop

Workshop groups summary download

PROMSUS Workshop Program download

1. Welcome and Introduction, by Per Fagerlund, ScandiNAOS download

PROMSUS - Summary and presentation folder download

2. Super Efficient Methanol Engines, by Daniel Cohn, MIT download

3. Alcohol Compression Ignition, by Bengt Johansson, Lund University download

4. Use of methanol in internal combustion Engines - a status review, by Lennart Haraldsson, Wärtsilä download

5. Methanol Synthesis from Renewable Sources, by John Bøgild Hansen, Haldor Topsøe download

6. Beyond Oil and Gas: The Methanol Economy, by G. K. Surya Prakash, Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institure and USC download

7. Closing the Carbon Cycle with Carbon Dioxide Capture from Air, by Klaus Lackner, Columbia University download

8. Power to Liquid (PtL) and Power to Gas (PtL): an option for the Energiewende, by Alberto Varone, IASS download

9. Methanol Industry Outlook, by Jaseon Chesko, Methanex download

10. Converting Carbon Dioxide to Methanol Fuel, by K-C Tran, Carbon Recycling International download

11. Renewable Fuels – Opportunities to Grasp and Barriers to Overcome, by Ingvar Landälv download

12. Methanol Global Market Analysis, by Wolfgang Seuser, Methanol Market Services Asia download

+ Reports

EffShip WP9 - Project Summary download