Marine Methanol

High-speed engines

+ ScandiNAOS MD95 engine

The ScandiNAOS MD95 engine is an adaption of the Scania 700HP engine to operate on methanol. It is with a displacement of 13 liter and a output of 350 kW. The ScandiNAOS MD95 engine is optimized to run with MD95 fuel, with indicates that 95% of methanol blended with 5% of ignition enhancer. The ScandiNAOS MD95 engine is installed and tested on the GreenPilot.

+ Volvo Penta V8 engine (methanol adaption)

The marine Volvo Penta Petrol engine can be modified into running methanol. It is a 4-stroke V8 inboard engine, with a displacement of 5.3 liter, producing 350 horsepower. This engine is use in the GreenBoat project for a Paragon 31 pleasure boat.