The Indian government think-tank NITI Aayong is working on a roadmap for full-scale implementation of methanol as fuel in the near future. A move towards methanol would reduce the dependence of oil imports and greatly reduce the pollution problem. 

The plan is to convert 6000 diesel train engines to methanol and make the railway system CO2 neutral. The marine sector is also seen as a key methanol market for introduction of methanol, together with development of the inland waterways to move goods from trucks to ships. 

"Methanol fuel can result in great environmental benefits and can be the answer to the burning urban pollution issue. At least 20 per cent diesel consumption can be reduced in next five to seven years and will result in a savings of Rs 26,000 crore annually," the NITI Aayog said. 

Methanol is a scalable and sustainable fuel that can be produced from a variety of feedstocks like natural gas, coal, bio-mass, municipal solid waste and even carbon dioxide. 

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