For some time the fuel price graph has been broken but the functionality has now returned. If you have missed it, just click on ”Methanol Fuel Price” above in the menu.

With the return there is also a new fuel plotted, namely Electrofuel. Electrofuel in this context is also methanol but methanol produced from electricity in Sweden. This fuel is not commercially available which means that the price plotted function more as an indicator of what the fuel price could look like rather than a real alternative today.

First of all, this is what Wikipedia has to say about electrofuel:  ”Electrofuels are an emerging class of carbon-neutral drop-in replacement fuels that are made by storing electrical energy from renewable sources in the chemical bonds of liquid or gas fuels.[1][2] The primary targets are butanol, biodiesel, and hydrogen, but include other alcohols and carbon-containing gasses such as methane and butane.”

Calculating the price for electo-methanol is based on research from Maria Grahn, Chalmers University, and the spot price of electricity on the Nordic market Nord Pool, area s3 in Sweden.