A new report on the use of methanol as marine fuel was recently released by FCBI Energy. 

The report finds that methanol is abundant, biodegradable, emissions compliant, available globally and current bunkering infrastructure only requires minor modifications to handle methanol as a marine fuel.

Carl-Johan Hagman, CEO of Stena Line told FCBI, "The handling and installation of a liquid like methanol had clear advantages over gas or cryogenic fuels regarding fuel storage and bunkering."

Hagman noted that the new methanol report should "raise awareness of this marine fuel and serve as an important source of facts to anyone looking for a greener shipping fuels."

The report is authored by Professor Karin Andersson of the Department of Shipping and Marine Technology at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.

The report is freely available and can be downloaded from the following site [direct link]

FCBI-Energy  [direct link]
Methanol Institute  [direct link]