As year 2015 is closing in and it is time to finish the last tasks of 2014 it is also time to look back on what has happened and what we can expect for next year. 

During 2014 interest in methanol seemed to have increased. With no statistical backing I will claim that the exposure of methanol as an alternative fuel for the marine sector has multiplied. There have been articles in marine magazines and even some exposure in the tabloids. I’m quite sure this trend will continue as more reference objects appear and methanol becomes a more established alternative fuel. 

The Stena Germanica conversion continues as she will be docked in January next year making her the first methanol powered ship, hopefully of many more. The new SECA rules will of course come in to force in northern Europe and North America as well, making alternative low sulphur fuels more attractive. 

Expect more to come. For now, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!