All tough most news on this website relates to large scale methanol production, preferably from renewable sources, and marine applications for methanol as fuel the news about small scale production units is certainly of interest. 

Maverick Synfuels and PPE, Inc. has announced a partnership to manufacture and sell small-scale Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) methanol plants. The skid-mounted plants has a capacity of between 13-44 m3 (3000 – 10 000 gallons) methanol per day. 

"PPE and Maverick have solved the puzzle of low-cost methanol production with our small-scale GTL platform," said Jeff Harrison, Chief Engineering Officer of Maverick Synfuels. "This partnership accelerates the deployment of Maverick's commercialization strategy and economic pathway to revenue."

The press release report that the first methanol plant from the PPE/Maverick partnership is destined for deployment at a large-scale dairy in the upper Midwest where Maverick will leverage the synergies between three existing anaerobic digesters. “A proven supply of low-cost biogas combined with the transportation logistics and operational synergies gives Maverick a substantial economic advantage in this market,” said Harrison.

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